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We are coming back to Chicago!

2015 North Coast Music Festival
September 4-6, Union Park, Chicago, IL.


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  • bodabossman says:

    This music makes me feel like if I touched it my arms would turn silvery and magical and I could like beat up bad guys and win the universe and then I would start an investigation to all the murders of previous owners of the universe like the highlanders and he-man and then I would find out that chuck norris assassinated them and then I would get into and epic duel with chuck norris and he is going to round house my head off but I just play this album and the epic melts his brain

  • Lucb1e says:

    This is awesome stuff guys.

  • Rast'N says:

    Drive it like you, stole it =3

  • RedBull Racing12 says:


  • Nate says:

    I gotta admit I lost my virginity to there album…..

  • Sasha says:

    i ussusaly dont like this sort of music, but glitch mob does it differntly, and makes it more interesting

  • steve says:

    i feel like this album should be made in to Pink Floyd’s The Wall sort of movie. it would be awesome as all these songs are already filled with alot of emotion and feeling.

  • Michael says:

    This album is the one album I have played the most in my life… And I’m a huge slipknot fan, and they’ve had stuff out since the 90’s…… I like to say I have a varied taste in music, but since I discovered ‘The Glitch Mob’ no other music seems to do anything for me. These guys don’t need lyrics, I feel more through their music than any other music. I love you guys and have bought and will buy all of your collaborative and solo material. Oh by the way, A ‘pendulum – The Glitch Mob collaboration’ would be f*cking EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, from Australia

  • D@FTPUNK says:

    You guys are gonna be in the big leauge with major electronic artists such as:

    Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Moby, Benny Benassi, and Skrillex

  • Aldyhm says:

    This music is… I don’t know… Its like everything i ever wanted in music, put together in the most unbelievable and incredible way.

  • SpLazor says:

    Words cannot express.

  • Mark Slough says:

    Fortune Days is like listening to a song full of class. 

  • Nisara says:

    I remember listening to animus vox just out of curiosity, and liking it, but kind of tossing it aside for a while. I then noticed the Vesica of Pisces on the cover, and decided one day to lay down and marathon the whole album while meditating. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, and I keep urging everyone I know to do the same. There are some parts of this album that give me an inexplicable and undeniable feeling of joy. Thank you, glitch mob, for producing some of the most amazing music I’ve ever listened to.

  • Zax14919 says:

    Drink the sea has by far brain fucked me until i could only think of what dubstep is and THE GLITCH MOB IS THE DUBSTEP

  • Nabeel Sherazi says:

    Fortune Days is by far the most amazing song I’ve heard. This is REAL music. Not some poppy glitzy mashup of autotuned vocals. Music that can covey emotions. Listening to this song made me feel inexplicably happy, like I could do anything in the world and it would be okay. Thank you.

  • Kit Portlander says:

    FORTUNE DAYS, ein Song dem ich nicht mit nem einfachen Kommentar gerecht werde. Hört ihn euch an und fliegt davon 

  • 3456 says:

    This isn’t blocked in my school… I go on this sight and listen to the GlitchMob

  • Honda says:

    that’s who has taught music at mozart and Beethoven * – *

  • Paulhalliday1251 says:

    my muse..

  • D@FTPUNK says:

    In the new G.I. Joe Retalliation tv spot from the Datona 500, Duke says drive it like you stole it and Roadblock (The Rock) replies you need a new catch phrase!! No joke!:

  • FAN! says:

    Glitch mob, ur the best of the best! Individually u guys are already epic, and together it´s mayhem epic, please never stop making this kind of music!

  • TheDaft says:

    There’s something about the beats this album displays… I can’t explain it, but it’s absolutely sensual. Thank you Glitch Mob. 

  • Zach Mario Robertson says:

    This isn’t blocked in my middle school, and I, personally, LOVE THIS ALBUM. It an express many emotions like romance, violence, happiness, and some other thing. This is real music, not some tuned up song like some other song. This truly made me happy. Thank you, The Glitch Mob, for your amazing songs and undescribable music.
    Sincerely, Zach Robertson.

  • Haylie Casanova says:

    FORTUNE DAYSS(: By far the best in the whole entire album!!<333

  • mgm says:

    Incredible album

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