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Best TGM Moments of 2014


Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Electric Forest

One of the craziest things we did this year (and ever) was to take a hot air balloon ride over Electric Forest with two fans who won a contest. It was such a trip to see the huge crowds of people entering the festival, hearing the music from a few hundred feet up, and a surprise splash into the lake. The best part was that the ride raised awareness for festival safety during the festival with a bunch of cool organizations through The Urgency Network including DanceSafe, Conscious Alliance, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, IMPACT Chicago, and The Michigan Recycling Coalition.

Festival d’ete Quebec

We will never forget playing Festival d’ete Quebec. First and foremost, we LOVE Quebec. Montreal is one of our favorite cities in the world, and we hadn’t been to Quebec City yet. It’s gorgeous. It was also our first time playing a show with Deadmau5, which was also an honor, as we are huge fans of his music. Beyond that, we had no idea how big the show as going to be. We were told it was “a show with deadmau5.” We didn’t realize that there were roughly 90,000 people there. Needless to say, that was quite a surprise walking out on stage. Thanks to Casey Flanigan for the amazing family photo.

Quebec City Summer Festival 2014

Spending Time with The Mob

Before every show this year we met up with a group of dedicated people we call The Mob. They helped out at shows, brought us gifts, told us stories, shared tattoos, exchanged hugs and high-fives, etc. We heard some crazy and inspiring stories from people and made a lot of new friends. Getting to spend quality face time with people is the core of our music these days.

At one point we decided to give a lucky Mob member a haircut as a fun thing to do, because edIT is actually quite good at cutting hair. It turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the show days.

The Glitch Cut

Sin City 2 Trailer

Seeing “Can’t Kill Us” in the Sin City 2 trailer was a very special event for us. We are huge fans of Robert Rodriguez, so it was a true honor. Also… Jessica Alba.

Touring Russia

Around the time we were preparing to head to Russia, the political climate was fierce as tensions escalated between the Russian and Ukrainian citizens. A lot of our friends and family didn’t want us to go. Some friends of ours that had worked in tense political environments assured us it was fine, and it was. They welcomed us with open arms. We are happy we didn’t let the fear mongering get the best of us, the Russian crew showed so much love. It didn’t feel that much different than a show anywhere else.

2014 08 21 St Petersberg - Cosmonavt - Insta_yulchahop

Creating the Blade

The creation of our custom stage instrument The Blade has been monumental for us. It’s the culmination of years of experimentation and development. We could not have done it out without our brilliant team. We took it around the world all over 2014 during the Love Death Immortality, and… it was an adventure. Stay tuned for a peek behind the scenes  in 2015…

Coachella 2014

Playing Coachella was a true honor for us, and a big benchmark on our journey. We played before in 2010 in the Sahara tent which was the very first time anyone heard Drink The Sea. To come back 4 years later and play to our favorite festival with all of our friends and family there, at sunset in the desert, is something we will never forget.

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 1

Love Death Immortality

Two years in the making, our newest album Love Death Immortality was released at the top of the year. We were so inspired touring around the world and hearing people’s stories about how the music had affected them. These stories became fuel. The idea was to take sonic landscape we explored in Drink The Sea and bring it to the live stage. Infinite gratitude to everyone out there that bought the album, shared a story or art with us, and came to a show. None of this would happen without you.


This is not really a “Glitch Mob” moment but WOW, this movie was so good that we saw it three times. A beautiful and empathetic mind-bender. Truly awe inspiring, hats off to Christopher Nolan.


The Glitch Baby


The Glitch Mob and Blamo Toys are proud to present “Glitch Baby,” an exclusive, limited-edition handmade brass and leather toy.



Glitch Baby features a laser etched USB necklace containing the entire digital discography of The Glitch Mob, secret unreleased music, digital booklets, the making of Glitch Baby animation and custom made art. First release is limited to 25 pieces and is on sale now.



10 Years of Crying Over Pros


10 years is an eon in the world of electronic music, where today’s hit can be old news by tomorrow. So it brings a smile to my face when I still receive messages about Crying Over Pros For No Reason. Your first record is always special, because it’s a snapshot of a moment in time that is free of expectation and outside perceptions. It is arguably the purest and rawest expression of who you are as an artist. This album first came out 10 years ago long before the age of social media. To me, it was just pure vibes and feels. And I’m glad you felt them too. Relive it all over again with five bonus songs written in that era and a beautiful colored double vinyl with all of the songs on the album. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

The deluxe edition of Crying Over Pros for No Reason is out now through my own Glass Air Records imprint.

Click here to order your copy now and get the free download the track “Spare Spork.”

Black Friday Sale


From now until Nov 30th, use the code “BLACKFRIDAY” at our online shop and get 20% off everything.


Our Demons Piano Arrangement


Celebrating the beauty of instrumentation with the first in a series of sheet music for tracks from our Love Death Immortality release. Special thanks to Kenneth Redding, Jr. (twitter) for his interpretation of “Our Demons” arranged for piano.

We wanted to keep the arrangement simple so even beginner musicians could play. Advanced pianists are welcome to evolve it further for their own take on the original score. If you perform the piece, upload the audio or video recording and tag with #glitchmobinspired. We would love to hear and see.

 Download “Our Demons” for Piano


New Music from YAARROHS


Take a ride outside with me
Just for a little while.
Feel the wind brush back the road
And clean you of your lies.

Since the release of The Glitch Mob’s Love Death Immortality album in February 2014, YAARROHS vocals for the band’s hit single, “Fly By Night Only,” has reached over three million listeners and can be heard in a mass chorus sung back to the stage by fans at every concert across the country. Following it’s release, while the band toured the country, YAARROHS has been hard at work in the studio recording her first solo effort, Flesh & Blood.

We are excited to present this amazing body of work through our Glass Air Records imprint. We hope you enjoy. Listen to the full EP below and visit to pick up the full EP and download the single, “Amber,” for free.



Thanks for an Amazing Tour


What an insane whirlwind these past seven months have been. We have been on tour since February — LIVING in this live music.

We would like to send a *heartfelt* thank you to everyone who made this possible. None of this would have happened without our BADASS, dedicated, hard working crew. It takes a LOT of work to make an international tour of this size happen, and we have the best team on earth. Respect goes out to our entire crew for making The Blade a reality.

Most importantly — we would like to thank YOU for creating this adventure with us. The Glitch Mob is a collaboration. Every piece of art you made, every new friend you brought to the show, every bit of energy you gave us becomes the blood in our veins.

It is now time for us to take all of this energy, and use it as fuel to lead us along the creation of the next chapter of this epic journey…


-The Glitch Mob

2014 Fall Tour Family Photo Album

find and click on your city to save hi-rez version

Warrior Concerto – The 5th Movement


Incredible #glitchmobinspired video by Khameleon808. Warrior Concerto – The 5th Movement, final installment of The Apple Tree.

Houston Family Photo


First venue show of the tour with The M Machine (Live) and Chrome Sparks on the bus! Big thanks to the Houston family for sending us off on tour with a boom!


The Glitch Mob at Austin City Limits


Fall Tour launched with our last festival show of the season deep in the heart of Texas. Thank you Austin! That was one of the best shows of our life. Miss the ACL livestream? You can catch the highlights at

Download the HiRez Family Photo

Photos by Erik Voake | Instagram

The Glitch Mob - Performance

Photo by Erik Voake


The Glitch Mob - Performance

Photo by Erik Voake


The Glitch Mob - Performance

Photo by Erik Voake


2014 10 10 ACL - (at)drealove17

Photo by Drealove17


Photo by Collin McCann

Photo by Collin McCann

The Glitch Mob Livestream from Austin City Limits


Weekend 1 of Austin City Limits music festival was an amazing experience and we can’t wait for Weekend 2. If you are in Austin this Friday, stop in the Waterloo Records Tent at 3:00pm before catching our set on the Miller Lite stage at 7:15.

After the gates close, follow us to Vulcan Gas Company on 6th for a late-night afterparty set with Brede starting at 10:00pm.

Not in Austin? We got you covered.

Tune in to our livestream, hosted by RedBull and #ACLFestLive, on Friday at 8:45pm CST at and watch the show from anywhere in the world. For the full schedule of performers visit


After the festival, the crew sets off on Fall tour with stops in Houston, Kansas City, Des Moines, St. Paul, and Chicago next week.

Click here for the full schedule.



The Glitch Mob – NYE in New Orleans


NYE FLYER 4x6The Glitch Mob travel to New Orleans, LA to bring in the New Year at Republic on December 31st, 2014.

Special guests Craze and DXXXY will be warming things up for the night.

Doors open at 9:00pm for those that are 18 and over. VIP and Open Bar packages are available.



Guest List Passes

We’ve got a limited allotment of passes for each show. Help us Tweet the word out to hop on our guest list. First tell us how to reach you. We will notify everyone the day before the show.

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Join The Mob – Local Support Team

Excited to see you in a few weeks. We’re planning something special at every city across the tour. Want to help us out on the local front? Join The Mob Support Team to get involved. CLICK HERE to let us know.